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Digital cameras are built compactly and have many electronic components that make disassembly and repair difficult. Diagnosing problems involves the use of specialised testing equipment. And the actual repair requires special calibration equipment and tools.

Common digital camera problems

One of the most common digital camera problems is that the zoom lens stops working. The camera won't focus or fire and a dreaded error message appears on the LCD. This usually happens when the lens has been knocked out of alignment.

Other common problems are broken hinges on memory card doors, broken battery covers and scratched or cracked LCDs. Memory card contacts can become damaged if a card is forced into the slot the wrong way. Occasionally, a camera sensor will go bad.

We can help in many instances. We provide free no obligation quotations, and you can even send your camera to us by post, so it's nice and easy to get your camera or camcorder working again!

Cleaning a Digital Camera

Cleaning a digital camera is relatively easy and should be done on a regular basis. One of the most important things to preserve the condition of the lens is not to touch it with your fingers.

Before wiping off the lens, hold the camera upside down and gently blow off any grit and lose dust particles. Next lightly wipe the lens and other camera parts with a soft, dry cloth or lens cleaning paper.

If needed, wipe the lens with a few drops of lens cleaning fluid. Place the fluid on the lens cleaning paper, not directly onto the lens.

Lens tissue, a swatch from a cotton t-shirt or a soft handkerchief can also be used. Paper towels, napkins and facial tissue should not be used to clean the lens.

If your camera needs extensive cleaning, have it done professionally.

What to check before sending a camera for repair

Low batteries - a camera won't function properly when batteries are low. Insert a fully charged set to see if things improve.

Camera controls - it's easy to inadvertently hit the wrong button or change a menu. Check your settings.

Full memory card - when a memory card is full, the camera may not turn on.

Reset the camera - reset either via a menu or by removing the batteries for about 24 hours.

So what to do if your camera does need repair

We provide free no oligation quotations for all of our work. You can either visit us in Hitchin, or you can post the item to us. You can contact us by phone (01462 421933) or by email For more information please contact us.

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